“Dear Linda,

I cannot thank you enough for helping Jaco achieve a

better quality of life. As you recall, when you started

massaging him a short 2 1/2 months ago, he was

suffering greatly, with little interest in life, he was

falling constantly, his hind legs had atrophied and

his daily walks were virtually non-existent.  It was

necessary for me to lift and support him whenever he

fell, which was greatly effecting my life as well.  His

being a diabetic dog as well compounded his and my life.  As he had no interest in eating, and wanting to keep his blood glucose balanced, I had been force feeding him for almost 3 months at that time.  In fact, my vet had started to prepare me for his loss.


What a difference you have made in our lives and I would not have believed it had I not been involved myself.  After his first session with you, there was a slight improvement and after my learning from you some of the basic techniques I began to massage him twice daily, supplemented by your ( much better) massages, and now I massage him every second day.  Today he eats by himself, has regained a lot of his muscle to the point that he walks happily and I no longer have to lift him as he doesn't fall any more, and most importantly he is content in his life.


He is still an old (13 years) , diabetic dog but he now has a quality of life that allows us to enjoy each day.


Warm regards,

Wanda T.-N.”



“I've some great news, the last time you were here, something

 incredible happened, a few hours later, Zephyr was provoking

 me to play and suddenly he jumps on me, for about 15 sec he

 stood  on his back legs with his forelegs leaned on me... Magic!!

 Because the last time he did that it was Sept or Oct.”

~ Steeve C.—Kappellen (22/06/08)



"Hoi Linda, we zijn vandaag met onze Rakker gaan wandelen en het is heel goed gegaan. Hij is niet doorgezakt en is ook niet gestruikeld of gevallen. We zijn echt blij en opgelucht."
~Maggy N. - Kampenhout (12/3/09)




"Hi Linda,

Just thought I'd share this with you.


Archie had no fits AGAIN (!) at Sonia's place. I picked him up yesterday morning and he was

absolutely full of beans. The last time he was as lively as this was when he was about 9 months old. This morning he came running to meet me when I got up, instead of staggering from one bean-bag to the other. I took him to the park as usual - we usually walk for about 40 - 60 minutes in the morning. He galloped around from the minute I let him off-lead and we walked for 2 hours!


I don't know what you're doing, but for goodness sake keep it up!!"

~Fiona W. - Vossem (26/03/09)

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