Woofs & Hoofs Animal Massage offers animal massage services in our offices, at your home, veterinary surgeries, boarding kennels, or stables.


Animals are happier and more comfortable in a trusted and familiar environment. This allows the animal to relax more quickly, the session to progress more smoothly, and the overall experience to be more enjoyable.


Also, should the animal choose to rest or fall asleep after a relaxation massage, he or she can do so without being disturbed and will awaken in a comfortable, familiar location. And animals that have received a stimulating massage can be turned out in a familiar yard or paddock to run, play or roll.


All that is required for an at-home session is a quiet place away from other animals or distractions and, for dogs - an open area on the floor with a blanket, cushion or carpet for the animal to lie on and the therapist to work. For horses - a clean stable box is perfect. Dogs should wear a collar for the session and horses are to wear a loose halster with a short lead rope attached.


We do not use oils for the massage as we feel these are not adequately absorbed by the skin and fur and the animal will be required to lick itself clean which could cause gastric distress. A typical massage session for an dog or cat lasts 20-30 minutes. For a horse, a typical session is 45 -60 minutes.


If it is not possible to provide a quiet area away from other animals or distractions, or to save the travel fee, we do offer appointments for small animals at our practice in Helchteren. Normally after one or two sessions in our peaceful massage room, most animals have no problem relaxing and enjoying their session.


All animal massage sessions are by appointment only (no walk-ins please!)



Animal Massage Session Fees:


In our practice in Helchteren:

Small animal (dogs, cats): 40

Large animal (horses, alpacas): 75



Small animal (dogs, cats): 50

Large animal (horses, alpacas): 90


The health and well-being of your pet is important to us. That is why we offer our Exceptional Value Guarantee on all appointments.


To schedule an appointment for your animal friend, please ring us on 0478/21.22.08 or send an e-mail to info@woofsandhoofs.be.


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