Benefits of Animal Massage


Since the dawn of civilization, people have practiced the art of touch to soothe pain on themselves and on others. This is seen in the mother who instinctively rubs her fallen child's knee, the conscious or unconscious rubbing of a sore knee or upset stomach and in the circles we rub at our temples when we have a headache.


Similarly, throughout history people have also used touch to aid and improve healing of their animals. They rubbed the animal's sore muscles in the evening so they would be ready for another day's work in the morning. They used massage to assist animals through the birthing process and to encourage the production of milk for their young. Through the use of massage, the recipient's body is able to function better, correct deficiencies and heal itself.

Practiced for thousands of years, massage is the focused and deliberate use of touch to maintain or improve both physical and emotional well-being. Massage has been proven to support the body in the healing process.  It is used for various purposes including to:

Maintain and improve physical and mental well-being and help prevent injury by:

 Boosting circulation and increasing the flow of blood and nutrients to muscles,

 Increasing joint flexibility and function,

 Improving muscle tone and preparing the muscles to perform,

 Aiding in the elimination of toxins and wastes from the body,  

 Maintaining posture and balance,

 Improving mental focus, attitude and performance,

 Enhancing range of motion,

 Promoting healthy skin and coat by distributing natural oils.


 Rehabilitate, assist in recovery and offer pain relief through:

 Helping to relieve age related problems

         and assisting in the recovery from injury or surgery,

 Reversing muscle atrophy from inactivity or disuse,

 Relief from muscle tension, soreness, spasms and weaknesses,

 Aiding in the elimination and prevention of muscular and fascial adhesions,

 Reducing the rehabilitation time required for soft tissue injuries,

 Relief of chronic pain and discomfort from arthritis, hip dysplasia, poor saddle fit,

         etc. through the release of endorphins.


Calm hyperactive, anxious and nervous animals by:

 Building trust and acceptance to being touched,

 Counteracting the effects of stress and anxiety,

 Encouraging the release of serotonin,

 Stretching and relaxing muscles.


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